SMCC MotoTT Club Enduro

Location: Carnagrie

Date(s): Sun 10 Jun 2018

Supplementary Regulations


SMCC has the privilege of hosting the final (and perhaps most prestigious) motorcycle event of TT 2018.

MotoTT Enduro will hopefully be a crowd pleaser with 3 motos of varying length including: 

MOTO1 - 60min Adult race

MOTO2 - 40min youth race 

MOTOTT - 90min extravaganza featuring none of the world's greatest road racers.

All taking place at Carnagrie, near the St Johns but quite far away and really quite hard to find, known as the cradle of motorcycling by some. 

Starting at 11am till early afternoon refreshments, toilets and bike parking available.


Sun 30 Sep 2018
Billown Enduro Smcc Club Rnd 4
S100 Paddock Area Castletown


Sun 7 Oct 2018
Centre Trial October