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Endurogasm – Saturday 2nd July 2016

Posted: 27th June 2016 by Enduro in Enduro Events
results from todays event.
This is a Round of the Summer Series Hare & Hound And summer series trial.
Sign-on: Opens at 11.30am for everyone
Entries: On the day close at 12.00noon.
Youth Race 1: 1.00pm (35 minutes duration)
Adult Race 1: 1.50pm (1 hour duration)
Youth Race 2: 3.05pm (35 minutes duration)
Adult Race 2: 3.55pm (1 hour duration)
Shenanigans: 5.00pm after comp bbq, beer and the usual carry on!!
Fees: £35 Adult
£25 Youth
(incs food and beverages … beer only for adults!!)

Summer series trial signing on from 5pm for a 5.30 start.
The trial will be held in arrasey plantation, observers are needed and will be rewarded with beer and burgers!

Hare & Hounds Adult & Youth summer series

Posted: 12th June 2016 by Enduro in Enduro Events

Juan Knight’s summer series rocked up to the Southern Motor Cycle Club’s home turf at Carnagrie on Sunday, 12th June 2o16.  The extraordinary sunny TT weather continued and provided the 65 competitors with great conditions and no mud in sight!

Adults Race 1 saw Juan Knight get the hole shot and hold the lead for 3 laps fending off his brother David who managed to get past on the forth – there is only so many laps Okells can power you for?!  David Knight continued to dominate the race finishing on 10 laps, with Juan coming in 2nd and Chris Madigan gaining 3rd place.  Jed Etchills also finished on 10 laps and coming in as the top youth rider.  Ashley Kelly finished on 9 laps, 11th overall, to gain the top Clubman place, beating George Birchall and stubble field specialist Will Duggan to 3rd.  Top Sportsman place went to Tomas Lee on 8 laps.

Youth Race 1 was dominated by Max Ingham who pulled out a lead from the outset finishing on  6 laps.  2nd place went to Christopher Moore on 5 laps, closely followed by Kyle Batty also finishing on 5 laps.

Juan Knight got the hole shot again in Adults Race 2, holding off his brother for two laps this time.  David Knight went on to complete an impressive 11 laps – you just can’t tire that man out!  2nd place went to Juan Knight with Jed Etchills gaining 3rd and top young rider, ahead of Chris Madigan who got a bad start but picked his way through the pack just running out of time to catch Jed.  George Birchall got the better of Ashley Kelly in the second race for top place in Clubman both completing 10 laps.  Jamie Cringle was circulating well until Grant Thomson pulled a ‘rather harsh’ move on him at the lap scoring chicane!  Craig McGee beat Will Duggan to win the ‘battle of the Young Farmers’!  A special mention goes out to the only female competitor – Demi MaClaren – who after some considerable barracking went out and completed an extra lap right at the end of the race and finishing an impressive 6 laps, which is much better than 5 – go girl!!

Max Ingham again dominated Youth Race 2 being the only youth to complete an impressive 6 laps.  It was tight race for second place with Curtis Grose moving up two places from Race 1 to gain 2nd over Christopher Moore in 3rd.  Ryan Christian managed two more laps in Race 2, finishing 4 laps after his bike would not start in Race 1.

As always thanks must be noted to all those who made the event possible … Dave Leach and crew for setting out the course, time keepers Bob and Suzie Clague with sterling back-up from Karen Rodger.  Thank you to the Hogg Ambulance and we hope competitors did not keep you too busy!  Fabulous catering was put on by Ray and Brenda and everyone enjoyed a well deserved complementary meal of cottage pie afterwards … happy days!

Thanks also goes out to Michael Rodger for taking over 1500 photographs of the event (good luck sorting those out!) … we hope you enjoy the photos which will be posted on the SMCC Facebook page soon and we look forward to your comments.

Results from todays enduro.

enduro summer series adults race 1

enduro summer series adults race 2

enduro summer series Kids race 1

enduro summer series Kids race 2





Hare & Hounds Adult Youth series

Posted: 31st May 2016 by Enduro in Enduro Events

Round 2 of the Hare & Hounds summer series comes to Carnagrie Sunday 12th June.

Format is :

  • 9am sign on at Carnagrie, 9:30am last entry time
  • Youth race 35mins 10:30
  • Adult race 1 hour 11:20
  • Youth race 35mins 12:35
  • Adult race 1 hour 13:25

Sign on for this online or on the day at 9:30am (last entry time)

Points scored in this round count towards the overall standings.

SMCC will run a further round at Endurogasm with similar times.



_O0A7286 copyThe SMCC centre round 3 was kindly hosted by Steve Curphy of Ballamoar Campsite on 8th May 2016.  It was a mixed bag of weather from glorious sunshine to warm spring showers!  The rain over the past few days made the going in both Tholty and Ballaugh plantations more challenging than planned, making even the experts sit up and take note.

David Knight survived a large crash on the first run of the Tholty test to go on and win the event.  Daniel McCanney took second place in the experts in front of Ollie Megson who was the best of the non-world champions.    Ollie had a really good ride to beat his fellow training companion, Chris Madigan (defending club champion) who came forth.

Ryan Neild has come out of nowhere this season winning his second Clubman class this year by a considerable margin.  There was no holes barred between father and son, Stephen and Sam Corlett, with Sam coming out on top after banging bars at the end of a Tholty test, Sam taking second place in front of his dad in third.

The Sportsman class was won by seasoned campaigner, James Vickers, winning the class by quite some way – 11 minutes (well done sir!)  Alastair McCraith took a second from Nathan Richards in third and Stephen Franklin came a valiant forth place and final finisher in this class.

Thanks as always to all those who made the event possible … Dave Leach, David Knight and Richard Robinson for setting out Ballaugh, and Daniel McCanney and Josh Copins for setting out Tholty.  Also thanks to Daniel for supplying the wheel washing equipment at the end of the Tholty test.  As always SMCC appreciate the support offered by Hogg Ambulance, DEFA and time keepers – Colin Mills, Becky Leach and the Clague family contingent (John, Christine, Pete, Bob and Suzie).

We look forward to hosting the next event in June, shortly after TT week – place see our Facebook page for details.

Northern Enduro 8th May 2016