ENDURO Sun 31 Mar 2024

Northern Enduro 2024 Final Instructions


Starting at Sulby Claddaghs; Heading North to Ohio plantation past private residences; Ohio Plantation Track to Narradale; Narradale Road to Ginger Hall; South toward Sulby Bridge; South to Sulby Glen crossroads; Left on A14 towards  Tholt y Will Valley towards Bungalow; Right into private residence; Up Ballacuberagh Greenway Track to its junction with Druidale Road; Right and Left to Ballaugh Plantation gate above ‘zig-zag’ entrance; Test1 around Ballaugh Plantations exiting on Greenway to its junction with Ballaugh Glen Road; Ballaugh village; Left over Ballaugh Bridge; Left Ballacob Road; Ballacurn road to Ballacurn Greenway; Right Slieau Dhoo to Druidale Road; Right into Tholt y Will plantation gate Test2; Exit down forest road through gate; Past private residence; Left on A14 heading to Sulby Village; 2 way event traffic on road into/out of Sulby Claddaghs; Right into Start Area;

Start Area - Sulby Claddaghs

  • Park on 1 carriageway of the access road or on any available hard standing

  • Vehicles are not permittted to park or drive on grass areas due to ground conditions.

  • Machines not to be started until your allotted start time earliest 10am onwards

    • 60 sec start line penalty for infringement

  • Machines to be pushed to/from scrutineering with rider helmet worn,

  • Numbers provided at sign on and must be displayed on number board of the machine

  • Returning and exiting machines to be ridden at walking pace.

When riding past other greenway road users & homes on the course ride at walking pace and with quiet engine


Schedule and start times

Results & Live Timing


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