ENDURO Mon 13 May 2024

International Sun Day Enduro Isde Fundraiser Sprint 2024 Results

Southern MCC ran a fundraising event for the upcoming 2024 ISDE in Spain in October. SMCC are hoping to be allocated 2x Club Teams with club members Craig Norrey (2022 ISDE Gold Medal winner), Bobby Moyer, Will Cawte, Ash Kelly, Al Heginbotham and Mike Turner.

Format of the event was planned to be a sprint enduro over 6 tests followed by a fun Hare & Hounds but was revised to a longer sprint format for both safety and the enjoyment of the field.

Daniel McCanney was the standout performer, finishing first with a time of 52m17s. He started the day with a time of 6:04.13 in the first test after a warm up sighting lap and consistently improved his times, peaking at 5:40.78 in the sixth test. 

In form youngster Jack Keenan followed in second place, trailing McCanney by 1:36.52 with a total time of 53:53.65. He started off slightly slower than McCanney with a time of 6:16.86 in the first test but showed steady improvement throughout the tests with times consistently close to Danny's.

Bobby Moyer secured and impressive 3rd position with a total time of 54:02.46, just 8.81 seconds behind Keenan. He started the first test with a time of 06:11.75, slightly faster than Keenan. But couldn't hold the advantage all day.

Gavin Hunt and Jordan Corkill finished fourth and fifth with total times of 55:07.60 and 55:30.80 respectively. Seventh placed Alistair Heginbotham rode his Stark Vaarg fully electric MX bike silently. Danny McCanney even took 'Tony' out for the final test and was only 7secs off his best time of the day on a bike that he described as the best he has ever ridden. 

Event organiser Craig Norrey unfortunately had a hefty off after the lunch break catching the front wheel on a gateway he was thrown over the handlebars at a decent pace. Juan Callister failed to make the start after mis-judging a dip onboard his custom screaming eagle C90 that unfortunately snapped in half. 

SMCC would like to thank all those who assisted in with the event especially Hogg Medical Assoc. for ambulance and crew, Caroline Millward signing on and running the show.

Next event is Centre Round 3 and will be a repeat of this event with a different course and hopefully less retirements.

International Sun Day Enduro 2024 Results

International Sun Day Enduro 2024 Results PDF

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