ENDURO Sun 4 Feb 2024

Ccj Dalby Centre Timecard Enduro Rnd 1 Result

The Isle of Man Centre Timecard Enduro Championship 2024 commenced on Sunday Feb 4th at SMCC's land at Carnagrie.

Ground conditions were heavy after a wet January with strong gale force winds on then day and a chilly start. The field had a warmup sighting lap on Carnagrie test before heading to nearby Arrasey plantation via Slieau Whallian and Barnell greenway roads. 

Arrasey test was a challenge with some uphill grassy sections limiting grip to anyone not carrying decent speed. The Carnagrie test was a much simpler and faster course with many lapping below 4mins. Combination of the 2 grass and forest test made for an overall good day out. 

Expert was a return to the BEC battle of Jed Etchells versus Danny McCanney with a shock but not a surprise of Juan Knight in 3rd and visitor Ross Danby from Kidderminster in 4th. 

Clubman was close battle between Tom Dawson and returning to enduro after many years off Curtis Grose. Curtis had the measure of Tweeks in both tests but not by an considerable margin. A mistake by Curtis in Arrasey on lap 5 saw him slip to 2nd 1min 5 secs back. Third place was Will Duggan 4th was was Alistair Heginbotham despite getting lost on occasion not far from his home. 

Tom Knight was out to prove cheap and cheerful SLAM air cooled MX bikes could run at the front and he set fastest times in the class before a dab on Carnagrie aggravated an existing injury and he had to call it a day. 

Clubman had their final test of the day on Carnagrie dropped due to an unfortunate and incident involving Steven Farrell and the timing equipment, thankfully no real harm was done to either party.


Class only had 3 competitors Russell Milward was predictably the vicotor but kept honest by Mike Turner and Gary Flowers whose Fantic 2T was misfiring from the start and had to have running repairs on occasion. 


First time winner Wayne Avis finished on the top step of the podium with a consistent ride. Second placed Harry Kampz had some faster times but a crash in Arrasey kept him in second. Third place went to Richard Smith who was surprised to see his name so far up the timing sheet.

Will Keenan had beening running in well in Expert but was caught out at the first corner of the last special test at Carnagrie the up hill crest flicked him off in a nasty highside and needed medical attention from Rob Vine / Hogg Rescue ambulance crew. Everyone from SMCC wishes Toots a speedy recovery.

Thanks to all helpers for assistance on Carnagrie, Rob Vine / Hogg Rescue ambulance crew, Isle of Man Scrutineers Assoc. and DEFA for the use of the land.

Provisional results

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