ENDURO Sat 3 Feb 2024

2024 Dalby Centre Enduro Final Instructions


Bikes not to be started before your minute.

Technical inspection sticker required before leaving Start check.

Start times and Schedule 

Start List & Transponder Numbers 

  1. Start Check at Carnagrie 
  2. Sighting Lap of Test 2 Carnagrie
  3. Going to Slieau Whallian
  4. Water splash to St Johns
  5. Patrick Road to Barnell greenway 
  6. Arrasey top carpark entrance to Test 1 2 way traffic 
  7. Test 1 Arrasey (bags can be dropped)
  8. Exit via Carpark 2 way traffic 
  9. Right road to lower Arrasey enterance
  10. Going to Pipeline track
  11. Left shoulder road return to Carnagrie
  12. Left over headland to Test 2 (bags can be dropped)
  13. Return to paddock
  14. Start next lap
  15. Final lap x2 Carnagrie tests all classes

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